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DJ Miss Blue 
Location: France

Style: Breaks, Electro, Drum & Bass  

Miss Blue is the pioneer of a new urban movement which has quickly crossed from the underground to the mainstream in her home Bretagne, a province of France. BreizhnBass, the fusion of Drum and Bass music and traditional Breton Acapella Music. Although Bretagne is a province of France, it is in many ways a unique and separate place with its own distinctive mother tongue, Breton, a variant of Welsh and Gallo languages. Until recently Breton has been a dieing tongue, a major factor in Blues decision to combine traditional Breton acapella music with modern drum and bass styles. Blue has been successful in using Drum and Bass and Hip-Hop Music to re-contextualise the Breton tongue and make it more accessible and intriguing to the younger generation. A unique success which has won her much acclaim from both young and old. Coupled with Blues ability as a skilled Scratch DJ and Turntablist, she has achieved nothing but success after success over recent years. In her early teenage years Blue was strongly drawn towards African Drumming and Traditional Celtic Harp(she is as she puts it a romantic girl), she was soon influenced by Hip-Hop Culture and began to take part in Graffiti and Breakdance. Quickly she was swept up in the Jungle/Drum and Bass movement and began to spend many a night dancing till dawn. At the same time Blue developed a fascination with turntables and scratching. Over time slowly acquired the skills required and eventually purchased her first set of MK2s in 2001. When she first began DJing seriously Blue didnt have the hugest collection of vinyl, so like most aspiring DJs do, she went through her parents record collection. The result was the discovery of a selection of acapella records sung in Breton. Blue mixed the acapellas over Drum and Bass Music and the result was pure magic, and Breizh n Bass was born. In parallel to her music career Blue is a self taught filmmaker and has produced several films and documentaries. She has also worked as a teacher with young children. Recently Blue realised that music was the most important thing in her life and let go of her film making and teaching careers. Blue has performed as a DJ at many of the biggest festivals in Bretange. She has also played abroad in the Carribean islands, Pologne and Quebec in Canada. Blue has also performed on national and local radio, placed in DJ/Music Competitions and featured in many magazines and TV programs. She has spent the last while working on her original production skills, because many people have asked for her own music and they have been waiting for sometime! As she always says to them, In all pleasure, the wait is the best Blue loves mixing Liquid Funk, Heavy DNB, Breakbeat, Jazzy Hip-Hop and of course BreizhnBass. Let's groove with the Color!


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