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Welcome to a new era of club/event promotions.....

Bluetooth broadcasting can put your event details directly onto the hands of your target audience.
Our box can broadcast up to 1 kilometer to any Bluetooth enabled device
Messages are free for you to send and free to receive.
You can send, text, pictures, video and music.
Messages can be fully interactive, ie. ‘press 1 to subscribe’ could send the mobile number to your mailing list, or press 2 to call a number.
The box can be installed in your club or in a car where it will make contact with every phone you pass. No need to stand outside a club giving out flyers, just drive up and sit outside and you can send your promotions to all Bluetooth phones in the club or as they leave.
This box is intelligent enough to recognize each phone it communicates with, so wont send the same message to the same person twice, unless you want it to.
It can also be programmed by the user to send a particular message every few minutes, hours, or at a certain time each day or week or year. Multiple promotions campaigns can be loaded so you can leave it to work for you with no intervention.
It can work as a stand alone unit or as part of a network of devices controlled from you head office over the internet.
You may think this fantastic new technology will cost a lot, but you would be wrong, it costs no more then 1 magazine advert, then the box is yours.

For more information call Paul on: +447786151515 

Or email paul@xtremeuk.biz 

For more info visit the Blutoo website www.blutoo.co.uk 


Become an agent
We are now recruiting agents globally, so if you have contacts in your city and would like to sell this amazing new technology, contact us now for more information.
Of course this is not just for clubs, its for any company that wants to contact a large audience.
Bars, restaurants, retail outlets, shopping malls, stadiums, public transport, supermarkets, the list goes on and on We pay good commission on each unit you sell.
You will have the backup of our technical department to look after the companies you sell to, so you just need generate the leads for us and we will do the rest.